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Super Pozzolana Glutin Powder

Super Pozzolana Glutin Powder

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Super Pozzolona Gluten Powder is basically a type of cement which is preferred over Portland cement for its lower price, higher durability, less carbon di oxide emission rate during its production and higher strength. The application of this cement can be notice in RCC construction work, plastering job and in marine industry. Concrete surface treated with Pozzolona cement is completely protected against sulphates, alkali, chemical and chlorides. Its less penetration attribute ensures structural stability of concrete buildings. It has better compatibility with aggregate materials in comparison with ordinary Portland cement. We are a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Super Pozzolona Gluten Powder.


1) Cost effectiveness and high strength are its main characteristics.
2) Alkali and chemical protection capacity
3) Low permeability level
4) Good integrity with aggregates